Below are some of my best works in video. Video tells a story in a unique way that photography cannot. The projects below were both shot and edited by me using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. I'll keep adding video content to this page as I make it because the stories never end.

I spent a much needed weekend up north recently and put all of the footage I took together in a short montage. I love traveling to the straits of Mackinac and Grand Traverse Bay area. It's impossible to not get good footage while there.

This is the promotional advertisement I made for the ReFit classes at Resurrection Life Church of Big Rapids. I shot footage for this video and compiled it all together with music from a professional stock music site and excellent typography.

Who doesn’t love a web commercial for holistic beauty supplies? This was a fun one!

Ferris State University's hockey team implemented new heart rate monitoring technology to keep track of players' health. This was a fun feature to put together with the sports editor who was writing up the story.

I've done fair videos before, but this was the first time I did a highlight video of the entire week of the Mecosta County Free Fair. It was a lot of work, but I'm proud of the end product.

My wife and I both have Crohn’s Disease and we always like viewing bad things through the prism of humor, so please enjoy! We hope everyone who struggles with IBD can find some light when things seem dark.

The Perseid meteor shower rained down over earth and I had the privilege of shooting footage of what it looked like locally during the nighttime hours. During the peak hours of the shower storms moved through the region, but it made for a spectacular show all the same.

Spectrum Health officials, employees and members of the community celebrated at a private gathering to mark the two-year anniversary of the Susan P. Wheatlake Regional Cancer Center in Reed City. This one is a personal one for me in a way because for many years I've been a patient here due to my Crohn's disease.

This is an inside look at the many happenings going on at the Osceola County 4-H FFA Fair. From kids showing their animals to families enjoying the carnival rides, I worked hard all week to bring viewers the fair experience from the comfort of their home or wherever people go on their mobile devices.

Though he once led the music during Resurrection Life Church's services as its worship director, today you will find Ross Scheer leading the congregation as the church's lead pastor. Though music no longer is his main duty at church services, he still enjoys contributing by playing electric guitar and singing harmonies. This is one of the many videos I and a former coworker made for the Musician Spotlight series.

This was an exciting story for a movie being made abroad. Lori Brock and Ashley Klein discuss working with Sweet Tomato Films on the fantasy film "Albion: Rise of the Danann." Nitrous, a Friesian stallion owned by Brock and trained by Klein, portrays the magical horse Dagdia in the movie.

Weddings are beautiful celebrations of love and capturing them on video, while challenging, is very much worth it once you watch the finished product with the people involved.

On any given weekday, a visit to the Galloup School of Guitar Building and Repair reveals a flurry of activity. Students work at personal workbenches and in rooms with power tools, shaping wood into guitars or listening intently as instructors explain the tricks of the trade.

This was my first venture into wedding videography thanks to the request of my friend (the groom). The day was beautiful and the location made the event an especially photogenic occasion. The track being played in the background was actually sung by the groom.

A national record was made the day I shot this video. Jason Vander Laan broke the NCAA record for most rushing yards by a quarterback. I love shooting sports video because the getting close to the action is simply a blast.

I was bored one evening and decided to do an unboxing review of Sphero's BB-8 toy. I generally hate unboxing videos, so I tried to make it a touch more entertaining (and educational) than most. Enjoy!